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It’s about 6:45a.m. here this morning and I just woke up from a crazy dream where I had convinced 4 or 5 people to complete a Whole30 and I was going to be their coach through the process.  Wow… I was SO excited to get started!  Darn alarm clock…  I started thinking about how it’s been about 3 full months since we’ve done Whole30 and I wanted to share an update about how we have been doing post-Whole30 for these last 3 months, what we gained, what we lost, etc.

I’m proud to say that both my husband and I have kept off the weight we lost during our Whole30.  I’ve even reached my lowest weight in probably over a decade at 129 lbs.  To go from 159 lbs. to 129 lbs. was such a humbling experience!  I’ve been doing so much reading and studying on how the body works and how food is such a critical piece of our health.  My husband and I have gone Paleo in our eating since we finished the Whole30.  While I’d like to say we are 100% Paleo, we have our moments when we really want something non-Paleo.  For the most part though, we still eat a lot of Whole30/Paleo meals at home.

For those who don’t really know much about the Paleo diet, its basically a diet that cuts out anything non-natural.  So I don’t eat any grains, no gluten, no dairy, nothing with added sugars, etc.  It’s trying to get back to a protein and vegetable life.  For dinners, we usually eat a protein and some vegetables.  I love sweet potatoes, squash, zucchini… you name it!  The food is healthy, it’s fresh and it tastes SO good!  The problem these days is that we have become accustom to the notion that the only way for food to taste good is to have all these extra additives/enhancements to better the original food.  We take food in it’s simplest form and then add sugar (not natural), add salt, add preservatives, add this or that… and suddenly the food isn’t even close to it’s natural form.  If you actually do a Whole30, you can actually learn to fall in love with food in it’s original, natural form the way it was designed.  Am I saying that you have to eat food raw with no salt, nothing fun?  Absolutely not.  That’s where learning about how foods compliment each other comes in.  Learn how foods were designed and you will gain a lifetime of health!

So what’s changed?  Luckily, not a whole lot has changed since we did Whole30.  We’ve kept off the weight we lost, we’ve continued to eat mostly Whole30/Paleo recipes and we’ve continued to exercise.  It’s so amazing to sit back and reflect on how our entire lifestyle has changed.  We eat better, we make healthier choices, we are exercising regularly, we feel great.  Can I sit here and tell you that I’ve been perfect at eating exactly right and exercising every day… blah blah blah?  No, I can’t.  BUT what I can tell you is that I am in a spot in my life that I have never been before.  I make healthier choices without even thinking about it.  I am nearly 100% gluten and diary free in my diet and have eliminated all beans from my diet.  I’ve learned what foods react in bad ways in my body and I’m learning to truly listen to my body.

I lost 30 lbs. between last year December and now and I’m proud to say that I’ve kept it off!  I’ve also kept my body fat percentage down.  I am so blown away and proud of myself for how hard I’ve worked!  I have discovered a new passion in my life and that is Whole30 coaching and making healthy recipes.  I LOVE to cook now.  I used to hate cooking but I am loving it so much that I may even attempt to write a cookbook at some point in my life.  I am also working on breaking into the health coaching world.  If you are doing a Whole30 or trying to be healthier and you are looking for support, motivation, cooking advice, health advice, exercise advice, please fill out my contact form.  I would LOVE to help you discover how amazing your body is and what it’s capable of doing.  You can feel good about yourself and I know Whole30 can do that for you.

The other night my family had some professional photos done… Thank you Eve Greendale Photography for the amazing photos!  You truly captured the joy that our daughter, Hannah brings to our life!  These were the first photos in my entire life where I actually wore skinny jeans and felt healthy and didn’t worry about how I would look in the photos.  I felt comfortable in my own skin for once and that was an amazing feeling!  I want to share this with everyone I meet.  I want everyone to feel this good about themselves!  Please let me know how I can help you!!


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